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Welcome to Florence, one of Italy's (deservedly) most popular cities. Florence is so chock-full of attractions that it sometimes feels like a theme park. The Uffizi, the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio may be the best known of these, but the charms of Florence easily extend beyond this trio of sights. There are so many ways to approach a stay in Florence. A week could be spent simply tracing the influence of Michelangelo on the city, for example. Architectural tours of Florence allow the city's history to seep through. And Florence by night is an inviting beast, classy and refined and wild at once.

Special Note: Timing and Schedules in Florence

In Italy, everyone believes in nice long vacations, and Florence is no exception to this rule. Many Florentines are out of town from the end of July through August, and loads of shops and restaurants close for summer holidays. But there's no need to fret, Cheapos! Most businesses in central Florence are heavily dependent on tourism and remain open throughout the year. So if you've scheduled a mid-August Tuscan adventure, carry on boldly!

Year round, you'll find that many small shops outside of the commercial heart of Florence close for lunch and remain closed long enough for workers to rest up at home or do errands. If you encounter one of these small shops during the mid-day break, be sure to check posted opening hours. More often than not, you'll discover that these shops will reopen in the afternoon.
Information from website: eurocheapo